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Who We Are

Based in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, Power Point3, Inc. is not as much a business or a corporation as it is a place to be creative and generate successful business growth results through the design and creation of professional high-impact Brand Development, Powerful and Engaging Websites, Dynamic Print & Advertising Collateral and Innovative Marketing Strategies, IT and Ecommerce Solutions that get your product or service successfully in front of your target market.

What gives Power Point3 the ability to produce these extraordinary results for our customers is the creative think-tank that

has been created by the culmination of our team-members. Each of our team-members bring countless years of experience, specialized training and a unique prospective focused on generating an unwavering commitment to propel you and your business to new heights of success.

Our promise to you as our valued customer, is an unconditional satisfaction guarantee to provide innovative marketing and sales solutions, top-tier results and an overall successful experience. This is our promise to you and this is who we are!