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Meet The Team

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our team section. My name is Sean McKeon and I’m the CEO of Power Point3, Inc. It’s my privilege to tell you who we are.

Power Point3 consists of a highly specialized and superbly talented team, capable of accomplishing ANY goal or challenge no matter how big or complex. Our team-members are also very proud of the work we do here, the goals we accomplish and the success we bring to our valued clients.

It will be very hard to not overly boast about their talents, abilities and character. One of the things that I think genuinely distinguishes our team-members from other talented technicians is the attitude of service and contribution they exemplify. Each member alone possesses a unique drive to generate success for our clients; combined, we are unstoppable!

We invite you to give us a call today and experience the success for yourself! Our company was founded in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida by Jewel McKeon in 1990. Jewel has won such prestigious awards as 2004 National Business Woman of the Year, 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year, 2002 Top 100 Tampa Bay Business Women, 2002 Woman on the Way.

Jewel has spent the last 35 years owning several design studios and publications.

She prides herself on tapping into the subliminal triggers that cause customers to choose and stay loyal to a specific brand image. She has successfully created marketing, advertising and creative collateral for start-ups to past Presidents of the USA. Jewel specializes in Brand Development, Creative Design Details and how they impact your customers, Public Relations, Business Intelligence and how to use it your success.

Carlos Arriaga, Creative Art Director, heads up our Creative Development Division. Carlos spent his early years exploring the jungles of Guatemala and then was transported to the Concrete Jungle of New York City where he grew up being influenced by the cutting edges of style and design. A sculptor in his past-time, Carlos brings more creativity to his designs than most. He has an intuitive knack of transforming the client's ideas and concepts into eye-catching, high-impact, results-producing designs. His personal philosophy to client satisfactions has him go above and beyond the typical call of duty.

The rest of the team bring the necessary skills in Marketing Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Software Programming, Creative Design, Multimedia Production, Copywriting, Technical Support and Customer Service needed to help you generate the success that you are looking for!