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Super Charge Your Inbound Leads & Sales

If your website isn't generating the volume of leads that you're looking for and you're tired of missed opportunities, look no further. We can permanently ramp up both your search engine ranking and the number of people that get in front of your products, services and special offers.

This package addresses both short-term or instant traffic to your site, as well as, long-term free, organic traffic that will continue to grow over time.

There are several steps involved with this package, starting with a comprehensive market analysis of your most prevalent competitor websites. This will give us insight into the keywords & phrases used to gain their success. We will also search Keyword Variations used by prospects searching for your product or service. To top the analysis process off, we review the complete advertising history of your major competitors.

This Business Intelligence Component is what separates true Search Engine Optimization from many of the companies, simply offering Paid Search Placement.

In the next phase we take 5 to 10 of your most keyword important pages and apply our 10-Point Search Engine Optimization Tune-up Process and implement any necessary content changes to gain the proper keyword density ratio.

Once your website has been search engine optimized and you're on your way to building natural, organic traffic, we then move on to setting up your internet advertising campaigns.

Using the keyword analysis and the successful elements of your competitions advertising campaigns. We then develop a campaign based on multiple ad groups using multiple keyword sets.

We then write multiple ads for each group. The multiple ads are split-test against the best performing ads in the campaign, until only the most high-yielding, maximized and budget efficient ads remain.

Each SEO & PPC Campaign comes with tracking and analytic software, so you know exactly how effective your marketing dollars are and how many prospects are coming to your site daily. You'll know what your conversion rate from prospect to lead or sale, and you'll know exactly how much each new customer is costing you.

This package is ideal for Websites that are not currently performing at ideal standards. If you would like more leads from your website and you're ready take advantage of the the true power of the internet to start driving business today, please call us and get started now! 800.515.9422

1. Monthly Internet Advertising
2. New Site Visitors - $1.42ea
3. Visitors to Customers - 8%
4. Average Ticket Sale
5. Cost Per Customer
Total Sales Volume
(#4 - #5 x #3 = $)

Packages starting: $1997
(monthly payment plans available)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!