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FREE Websites

Every three months Power Point3 will design and build a website for Free if you meet the one of the following qualifications:

A. Non-Profit. You candidate must be a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Please contact us and tell us about your non-profit initiative. Your request for a free website will be reviewed and we will contact you.

B. Publicity/Recognition/Sponsorship. If you agree to give written, visual, graphic or broadcast acknowledgement of our creative design, marketing or website development services, we will build your site for free. If you have radio/TV/online or offline advertising space and will display or announce our name, you may qualify for a

free website. If you advertise your company on a billboard, trade show booth, vehicle signage and will include our logo, you may qualify for a free website. Other options available. To see if you qualify, send your request with a brief summary.

C. High Profile/High Traffic Site. If you have a product that can draw a high volume of traffic. Sponsor Big Events. New Movie Release. New Best-Seller. Celebrity Status. National/International Market Reach. These are a few types of categories which gives us an opportunity to benefit from the growth we bring you

Please contact us if you feel you fit in one of these three requirements.